Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grown up Kind of Day

Yesterday (Tuesday) was definitely a grown up day. I did not have to babysit so I started my day off with some coffee, Vanilla Chobani with cinnamon, granola and banana, and the news.

It was SO hot in Boston (95 degrees and humid) that there was NO WAY I could run outside. So to the treadmill it was for me. I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill in 40 minutes. I usually start at about 6.0 (10 minute/mile) and then fluctuate between 6.5 and 8.0. I also tend to keep my incline at 1.0. After my run I took a 1/2 hour core conditioning class.

I walked 15 minutes home and I think I sweat more on the walk home than while I was running. Once showered, I made myself a quick lunch of a simple salad, bbq chicken and cheese sandwich, a plum and a little cantaloupe.

Then the grown up part started: laundry, cleaning the house, looking for a plan book and then helping my brother move into a new apartment.

While I was walking around I noticed this sign and it reminded me that Fall is right around the corner.

But how could this be, it is 95 degrees out? Anyways, I LOVE Fall it is my favorite season for many reasons: weather, fun races, the start of school vibe, the seasonal food, etc. So I was VERY VERY excited  to see this sign. As I was walking around I snacked on a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough LaraBar (best flavor EVER!!).

Once home I made dinner for Evan and me. We usually make pizza using pizza dough, but lately it has been coming out too wet. We have been playing around with ingredients and have not been able to get it right. So tonight we tried Naan Pizza. I put mushrooms, peppers, monterey jack cheese and parmesan cheese on my pizza. Evan used all the same ingredients plus bacon and ricotta cheese. We also had a salad on the side.

This pizza came out just as good if not better than dough pizza. I can't believe it has taken me this long to try Naan Pizza. It was SO good. After dinner I enjoyed another cup of ice cream while catching up on Glee! Yesterday I felt like an adult, but today I feel like a kid (more to come later.....).


  1. I was always the girl on the soccer field picking flowers haha glad to know I'm not alone! Your running times are awesome!