Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Striving For Balance

Happy Tuesday! It has been a rainy one here in Boston. How is your week going? Evan's parents have been in town since Saturday, so there has been a lot of dinners out and time spent away from my "normal" routine. I am also visiting friends in DC this weekend, so again there will be a lot of dinners out and drinking. I thought I would dedicate this post to finding balance, when it is not so easy to. Here are a few strategies I use to keep balance this week:

1) Try to maintain "normal" eating as much as possible. This week I have tried to eat my "normal"breakfast and lunch.

Monday's breakfast: cereal, strawberries, peanut butter and milk

Monday's Lunch: 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich, apple, carrots/celery, blueberry yogurt
Tuesday's breakfast: maple sugar oatmeal, peanut butter, banana, raisins, granola
2) Try to maintain your usual exercise routine: Yesterday (Monday) I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the stair climber and then did a few weight machines (upper and lower body). Today I did a speed workout on the treadmill at an incline of .5:

Distance: 5.15 miles
Duration: 42 minutes

Distance               Speed
.5                           6.0
.25                         7.5/8.0
.15                         6.3
.50                         7.5
.25                         6.5
.25                         8.0/8.5
.15                         6.5
.50                         8.0
.25                         6.5
.25                         8.5
.15                         6.5
.50                         8.0/8.5
.25                         6.3
.25                         8.5/9.0
.15                         6.3
.50                         8.5
.50                         6.0

3) Try to choose "healthier" meals when eating out: Last night Evan, his parents and I went to a restaurant in the North End called Bricco.

There were many, many wonderful options to eat, but I tried to go for a healthier choice. I started with just ONE slice of bread (this was most challenging for me) and a sip or two of wine (just for taste).

A small portion of the appetizer.

and a healthy entree: Grilled Salmon

I passed on dessert, but had a bite or two of Evan's Tiramisu.

4) Try to cook a meal or two. Tonight, Evan and I are making his parents vegtable lasagna (pictures and recipe tomorrow). Lasagna is not the healthiest meal, but preparing it at home ensures a healthier version than the restaurant.

5) Be flexible and have fun! It is not every day you have company or go away, so enjoy your time and understand you can pick up were you left off when your company leaves or you come home from vacation!

Have a GREAT night!!!


  1. So healthy :) Thanks for the inspiration to find "balance" in my daily food choices too.

  2. Thank you! Finding balance is always a daily challenge.