Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burger Wednesday

When I was in college I sometimes went to a local bar on Saturday nights for 1/2 priced burgers. However, as I got older and wiser, I realized those burgers probably were not the healthiest food choice. Needless to say Burger Saturdays stopped, until tonight....Welcome Burger Wednesday!

A few weeks ago grass-fed ground beef was on sale at Whole Foods. I bought a few pounds of 90% lean ground beef, made a few into patties, and into the freezer they went for a rainy day. Today I defrosted a patty and grilled it up on the stove top grill. Once grilled I put a half slice of smoked Gouda cheese on top and placed it on a slice of toast.

On the side I made Trader Joe's edamame.

and put it on top of a salad.

I also had some Pirate's Booty.

It was GREAT! Much better and healthier than the old Burger Saturday's. Maybe this will become a weekly or bi-weekly tradition.....

In other news, once home from internship I had a quick blueberry Greek yogurt with some maple shredded wheat cereal on top to fuel up for the gym.

At the gym I did 15 minutes on the stair climber and then participated in my favorite class: Total Body Conditioning. It was delightful! Hope you are having a FABULOUS hump day!!!


  1. I love both edamame and pirates booty :-)

  2. I've never tried pirates booty but I love edamame! I used to eat 1/4 c of dry roasted edamame EVERY day! Then I got burned out but it's such a great and energizing food :)