Monday, September 13, 2010

Holy Soreness!!!!

Happy Monday! I will start on a good note with a picture of my yummy dinner from last night!

Last night's star ingredient was a whole organic chicken that Evan seasoned (in between the skin and meat) with dried spices he mixed together (thyme, oregano, basil, tarragon, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper) and butter. Butter makes everything better!

We also made some Carolina Rice Evan and I picked up from a plantation in Charleston when we visited earlier this summer,

and Brussels Sprouts, sauted in olive oil, salt and pepper:

Today I woke up in severe pain, especially in my right knee (not the injured one). I was also sore in my hamstrings, calf muscles and back. I was not too worried about my leg pain because I figured I would be sore from such a long run yesterday; however, I am VERY, VERY concerned about my knee pain. My knee hurts on the outer side of the cap, especially when walking up and down stairs. Since I already suffered a knee injury last year, on the other knee, I am VERY worried. Luckily, my knee is not swollen, so I am going to see how it feels before I decide to run the 5K race on Saturday. I am going to continue to ice both knees and try to buy new sneakers (the ones I currently have are over 4 months old). I am also going to take it easy with my workouts for the rest of the week.

Today, I debated if I should work out, do yoga, do another kind of cardio class or lift weights. My choice exercise was to do yoga, but I could not find a time that worked with my schedule. After a full day of internship (my first day!) I decided I needed to do a little light cardio to maybe loosen up the Lactic Acid that built up in my legs. So, I did 30 easy minutes on the elliptical machine and then did some light lifting. I concentrated mostly on my upper body, but also incorporated some leg extensions and lunges with very, very light weight. After I lifted, I did a LOT of stretching and used the foam roller. I am SO glad I did this workout because, surprisingly, my legs are feeling MUCH better!!! My knee is also feeling a little better, too. Tomorrow, I think I am going to take another day off from running and maybe do some more light cardio (Unfortunately I can not attend a yoga class due to my schedule)......

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do for a work out tomorrow? Or any advice on my knee?

I am off to eat a quick chicken sausage and peppers sandwich before going to my first class of the semester.

School is definitely back in session!


  1. Sorry about your knee. I hope it's feeling better now - a few days later. Your dinner Sunday looks like a lot of love and time went into it. Also looks delicious!

    thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks Lisa! My Knee is feel much better now!