Thursday, September 30, 2010

Touring the World: One bite at a Time!

Hello! I have had quite the tour of the world these last few days.....

Last night Evan, his family and I went to a wonderful French restaurant for their last night in Boston. Gaslight is a quaint little French bistro in the South End of Boston. The restaurant offers delicious food at reasonable prices.

We started with a bottle of Bordeaux.

I sipped on a small glass
This wine was very flavorful and bold. I enjoyed my glass greatly! Next came the WARM bread in a paper bag. I had to hold myself back before I ate the entire bag!!!

For an appetizer Evan and I split the Gaslight Salad.

My portion
For my entree I had the house special: Haddock Grill.

My meal was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! It was kinda like clam chowder with haddock on top. The sauce on the bottom was creamy, but not too heavy. We then split two desserts: Chocolate Molten Cake and an Apple Tart.

I had one bite of each. Both cakes were incredible and by far the best part of the meal!


Today I went to Italy for lunch with leftover lasagna and salad (sorry I forgot to take a picture). I then took a quick pit stop at the gym where I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then a "Club Strength" class, which was basically an hour weight lighting classes.

My final stop was Mexico where I had some tacos and black beans. YUM!

What a great trip! Hahaha! On a real note, I am currently packing for my trip to DC tomorrow for a reunion with a few high school friends. I am not sure what my running or blogging schedule will be like, but I will try my best to do an update at least once. And maybe there will be a special guest post as well.......

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. Have fun in DC! I went there over spring break and LOVE it there! I saw a lot of people running around the mall (I think that's what it was called? lol I'm not very DC Savvy!)
    Btw, those desserts are making my mouth water!