Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! I decided to try "school lunch" today and purchase a Be Good veggie burger that the high school offers on Tuesdays. It was a GREAT decision because for $5.25 I got a yummy veggie burger, small salad and a locally grown apple.

It was a very good and filling lunch! In addition, the burger, surprisingly, tasted just as good as one at Be Good! I will be buying this lunch again soon!

After internship I went to the gym to do a track workout on the treadmill. I might have said this before, but I prefer doing track workouts on treadmills because I can control the speed and elevation of the run. So, my workout included 10 x 400 and went like this:

Distance    Speed    Elevation
    .5             6.0            .5
   .25         7.0/7.5         .5
   .15            6.3            .5
   .25         7.0/7.5         .5
   .15            6.3            .5
   .25         7.0/7.5         .5
   .15            6.3            .5
   .25         7.5/8.0         .5
   .15            6.5            .5
   .25         7.5/8.0         .5
   .15            6.5            .5
   .25         7.5/8.0         .5
   .15             6.5           .5
   .25         8.0/8.5         .5
   .15             6.3           .5
   .25          8.0/8.5        .5
   .15             6.3           .5
   .25          8.0/8.5        .5
   .15             6.3           .5
   .25          8.5/9.0        .5
   .5               6.0           .5
Total Distance: 5.0 miles
Total Time: 42:50

I felt pretty good during the workout. My body was not sore or hurting in any way. However, my stomach was a little unsettled, maybe because I ate a granola bar on the train on the way to the gym and it had not digested yet. Next time I will wait till after my workout to eat an afternoon snack.

Once home I showered, iced, and made corn chowder. Here is my recipe:

1/2 onion
2 slices of bacon
6 small potatoes
3 large carrots
5 pieces of celery
1 bag of frozen sweet corn
1 box of Creamy Corn & Roasted Pepper soup from Trader Joe's
Salt and pepper

1) Saute chopped bacon in a large pot
2) Saute chopped onion with bacon
3) After 4-5 minutes add rest of ingredients except the box of soup

4) After 5 minutes add the soup and then refill 1/2 the box with water and also add that
5) Add salt and pepper
6) Increase the temperature to a boil
7) Once the soup is boiling lower the temperature and put a top on the pot
8) Let simmer for 20-30 minutes
9) Enjoy!

So easy, yet SOOOO good!!! I highly recommend making this chowder!! I had a large bowl with a slice of toast and peanut butter. A lovely Tuesday night dinner!

I am currently watching the season premier of Glee (I LOVE this show!!!!) and enjoying some ice cream! Have a great night!

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