Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little good news....

Today was super busy at my internship and I barely had a second to myself. However, the day flew by and before I knew it, it was 3:00. This year is SO much different than last year and instead of being busy with lots and lots of assessment cases, my counseling cases are occupying most of my time. Which is good because I feel really prepared going into next year.

After work, I had a great workout with 15 minutes on the eliptical followed by a 55 minute "Total Body Conditioning" class. Tonight the teacher incorporated a lot more cardio type exercises in the form of kicks and hits. Fun times!!!!

Dinner tonight got a little crazy, we had planned to make pasta, sausage and broccoli with a homemade red sauce we had in the freezer. However, I kinda miscalculated the amount of sauce we had and when going to make dinner realized there was only enough for one. Being the nice girlfriend I am, I let Evan have the pasta. In its place I made a vegetable marsala burger from Trader Joe's and some sweet potato fries (well I tried). I kinda forgot about the fries and they came out a little burnt. (I also poked holes in the steam broccoli bag when it clearly said DO NOT POKE HOLES; and yes, I did read the package a few times-OOPS!).

Oh well, the meal still turned out pretty tasty for a last minute decision.

And for the GREAT news of the day: A good friend texted me tonight and asked me if I liked Sara Bareilles? To which I responded: YES! And she then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go to her concert in November. YES!!! Her sister got her tickets for her birthday and she wants to take me! I feel SO LUCKY!! Thanks Kristen!!!!

Well I'm out to enjoy a little dessert and watch Modern Family. Have a GREAT night!

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  1. What a fun surprise!

    I feel like this week is the week for dinner confessionals - I would say that your plate looked delish for a last minute streak of plans! I really need to try making Sweet Potato fries soon!!!