Thursday, October 7, 2010

There are plenty of Fish in the Sea...

(We will get to this fishy later...)
Almost made it to the end of the week and that means closer to my race (SO nervous!) Anyways, it was a pretty typical day (breakfast, work, lunch, work, snack). Once home, Evan and I decided to embark on my LAST run before the big race. It was a gorgeous day in Boston, sunny, cool and crisp, great running weather. So we started, but my Garmin didn't work for the first 15 minutes (I do not know what is up with it lately). I am pretty sure I covered about 5.1 miles (3 with Evan) in about 45 minutes. I went a little slower than usual so that I didn't push myself before Sunday. However, my left knee was a little bothersome, hopefully it will be better soon. I am doing LOTS of icing in the meantime.

During work today I received an email from Evan that said:

"I wanna go out to dinner tonight. Let's do it. <3." 

I thought it was SO cute and I couldn't say no. So Evan and I decided on here:

We had gone here before and had a bad experience, but we had heard SUCH great things that we decided to give it another shot. And I am GLAD we did. YUM YUM YUM!!!!

We started with a few apps.

Seaweed Salad


Everything was fresh and delicious. I have had all three apps before and they were far superior here, especially the seaweed salad. 

As for dinner we split 2 "special" Maki rolls and 3 Sushi rolls.

The roll on the far left was called a Rainbow roll and included raw salmon and tuna with crab and tobiko inside. This roll was good, but my least favorite of the bunch. My favorite was the second one over: sweet potato tempura with avocado and eel. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. The best sushi roll EVER!!! On the right was raw salmon, yellowtail and cooked shrimp sushi. All the food was great and the service was great too. We will definitely be heading back to Douzo soon!!!

Now I am just watching a movie while eating a few cookies. I have to make sure I have enough fuel for Sunday ; ) Have a great night!!


  1. LOVE going out for Japanese. It is The Best.

    Good luck with your race, lady! You're going to rock it :)