Friday, October 15, 2010


Here is the post from last night.....

Hello!!! I hope everyone is doing well. The last few days have been a mix of working, tutoring and sickness. However, I did manage to eat here:

YUM! I LOVE Chipotle. I can not believe that I did not discover this restaurant till last spring. I like how the restaurant promotes ethically raised meat and quality products.

I ordered a salad with stir fried veggies, chicken, corn and guacamole for the side and on top! YUM!!!!

Chips and Guacamole

Tonight Evan and I made a small ham, sweet potato and string beans.

His (with roasted potatoes)

Hers (with sweet potato)
I took Tuesday "off" from exercise because of this sickness and my busy schedule. However, I did manage to stair climb for 30 minutes yesterday (Wednesday) and took a "Club Strength" class tonight. The club strength class was SO funny. The instructor wore these tiny, tiny shorts and yelled at the people the whole time. He is kinda like Richard Simmons meets Arnold Schwarzenegger. HILARIOUS!!!

Anyways, I have been working in a high school the past few weeks and have noticed a few things. First, there are a lot of "jimmies" in the high school. A "Jimmy" is hard to describe, but let me just say they kinda look like the guy from "Hey Arnold" that old show on Nickelodeon. Does anyone remember that show? Second, why would you make out in the hallway? I mean everyone is looking, didn't people use to go under the bleachers or in a janitor's closet, but in the hallway?? Third, everything is SO much more dramatic when you are a teenager. For example, if you forget to turn in an assignment the WORLD is ending or if a girl looks at you the wrong way she is a "Bleep Bleep Bleep!" Finally, clothing is just not what it used to be. It is either casual sweats or non existent. Is there no in between? More on the topic of teenagers to come.........

What are your thought on teenagers?

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