Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tonight was just BEAUTIFUL: Beautiful weather, beautiful run, beautiful company and beautiful food. However, I do not have many pictures to document the beautifulness.

Well, I will try to do my best.....

On this gorgeous day, I decided to go for a nice little run by the Charles River...Glorious (minus the hiccups for the last mile). Here are my splits according to my Garmin:

Distance: 51:16
Duration: 6:03
Mile 1: 8:18
Mile 2: 8:23
Mile 3: 8:28
Mile 4: 8:30
Mile 5: 8:24
Mile 6: 8:56 (we will blame it on the hiccups)

It was a great run and it feels good to be getting back into (somewhat) the swing of things. After my run, Evan and I set out on a hunt for Halloween costumes. Boston is crazy and around this time lines are SO long in all the Halloween stores. We found a store (iParty) that did not have a line outside the store; however, the check-out line wrapped around the store. I got a costume for under 20$ (which was my goal), I hate spending SO much money on something I probably am only going to wear once, but tis the season! I am not going to tell you what I am, but I will give you a hint: This character/person has become VERY popular in the last few years.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be??

After a lot of walking and shopping, Evan and I got pretty hungry for dinner. So, it was Whole Foods hot bar to the rescue. Good thing I do not live closer to this store because I would be eating here a LOT more often than I already do.

Anyways, I ended up getting some brown rice with pork, squash and zucchini dish from the hot bar. I also got a little sauteed spinach with garlic and broccoli. I ended up mixing all the food together to make a sort of stir fry. I am SO sorry, I totally forgot my camera and tried taking a picture with Evan's phone, but we are unsure how to put it on the computer. However, I can tell you it was REALLY good!!! I loved all the different kinds of veggies and the pork was cooked perfectly. Yum!

I picked out an ice cream while at Whole Foods because it was on sale:

I put a scope on some of the baked apples I made on Tuesday for dessert. BEAUTIFUL!!!

I swear there were apples under there (hehe):

Currently watch "Food Matters" and relaxing with Evan on the couch (I will try to do a little review on the movie this weekend)! YAYA for Friday! 

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