Saturday, October 9, 2010

The day before....

Hello! I am currently sitting on my couch right consumed with nerves!! I cannot believe in less than 12 hours I will be hitting the pavement for a 13.1 mile run and unfortunately I am still feeling sick with a cough and stuffy nose. AHHHHHH!

Well, let me back up. Yesterday I ended up just going for a 3 mile walk with Laura instead of doing a formal exercise. Then last night Evan, my parents, and I went to the British Beer Company for dinner and had a few beers. My parents had recently dined there and raved about the beer selection. Evan (who is kinda a beer snob) was SO excited! When we arrived the hostess informed us of a 1.5 hour wait. WOW, looks like we will just have to consume a few beers while we wait. The beer list at the BBC was great and rivaled many local Boston pubs with a large craft beer list. I went there with one thing on my mind: Pumpkin beer, but the bartender informed us they were all out of every pumpkin beer they carried (they went through 2 kegs of Shipyard Pumpkin ale). I was a little annoyed, but decided to start with an Allagash White.

and then a Delirium Tremens on tap (my FAVORITE beer EVER!!!)

While we sipped we munched on some homemade potato chips. They were delicious and I think I ate almost the whole basket.

So, we never got called to sit at a table, but fortunately 4 bar seats opened up and we just decided to sit at the bar. For dinner I ordered the Fish Tacos and a Chimay.

Both the fish tacos and Chimay were great! The tacos came with an interesting pickled veggie side that made for a different tasting taco. We ended up hanging out a bit longer and listening to the local band that showed up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Today I woke up pretty early because I had to go tutor. I again did not exercise today, so I will be super rested for tomorrow's race. After tutoring my mom, Evan, my brother and I (and my dog Terry) went apple picking.

Well, we actually just went to the store at the apple orchard because the line was too long to pick apples,

but we managed to eat some apple donuts,

and see some animals.

Once home I made a repeat of last Saturday's pasta meal. With lots of veggies....



and crushed tomatoes.


Now I am icing my knees, eating cookies (I need to have all the fuel I can get for tomorrow!) and watching The Blind Side with Evan. I hope to be in bed before 11!!! I will be back with a race recap tomorrow sometime. Hope you are having a great weekend!!

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