Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Day of Successes!

Hello!!! Well I am feeling a little better today, but another good night sleep is definitely in order. Today has been a VERY busy day and I am not going to lie I am kinda glad it is over. However, I successfully made it to the gym this morning (It was VERY hard getting there). I don't know how people go to the gym early because there sure were a TON of people there at 6 am. Once there, I did 30 minutes on the stair climber and then did 3 x 10 push ups and few different ab exercises. I showered and was at work by 8:15. SUCCESS!!

For breakfast I had an instant oatmeal packet, blueberry bran muffin from Trader Joe's and banana all mixed together. SO GOOD!! I didn't take a picture because it looked kinda gross. I spent the day  following up on my cases, seeing students and helping out with my supervisor's advisory class. Lunch was leftover Naan pizza and an apple.

After school, I rushed to tutor a high school student. But first I stopped for a bowl of homemade Greek chicken and orzo soup at a Greek diner near where I tutor (I was a little extra hungry today, maybe from the early morning workout??). Tutoring went well, I felt a little unprepared because I had not read the books and thus could not discuss them with her. I plan to try and read a little of each book before the next meeting. However, I got to read a little of one of the books tonight and it was incredible ("Caucasia"). I think I might buy it for my personal collection. It was VERY good

Has anyone read "Caucasia"? If so, what do you think?

Despite feeling a little unprepared I thought my first tutoring session was a success!

Once finally home, after 7, Evan had dinner ready: Vegetable Marsala Burgers with 1/2 Swiss cheese, string beans and home made french fries.

It was delicious. I think I finally found a veggie burger I like. The texture and taste was great! I might have a repeat of this burger later on this week. I am pretty tired and going to head to bed soon, but first I will have a few anise cookies! Have a GREAT night and I hope you all had successful day!