Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hi guys! I have been having a few problems with the blog. For some reason I cannot upload pictures right now. I have been trying a bunch of solutions, but nothing seems to be working; the picture upload application will just not load on my computer. I am hoping Blogger is just having some technical issues and they will be fixed soon. As for now my post will be kinda boring (no pictures) until they/I fix the problem. However, I will continue to take pictures and make space for them in the blog post and when this is all cleared up I will upload them in.

On a more positive note, I have had a great start to the weekend! Last night I met Evan at a local bar (Champions) for a few beers and to watch the end of the ALCS game. I started with a Magic Hat #9, which I LOVE!!!

and ended with an Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout for dessert!

After having some of Evan's stout last weekend and this one last night, I am becoming obsessed with this type of beer. It is SO creamy and dessert like, it is almost like a milkshake, which leads me to believe this beer contains more calories than a typical beer. Evan and I discussed this last night and he is convinced it does not. So, I came home and started doing a little research on Stout beers. Here is a GREAT article I found: Stout Beers. This article does not say anything about calories, but it does provide interesting facts about the benefits of stout beer. For example, I did not know that it could be a sleep aide or digestive. However, I did have a great night's sleep last night (I will leave it at that....)

And according to these two articles: Counting calories and Beer Alcohol and Calorie,
it looks like stouts have the same amount of calories as a typical full bodied beer. Actually, a Guinness has a few less calories (110 per 12oz).

And...according to this article about the health benefits of is more nutritious than wine and reduces heart disease.

What are your thoughts on beer? Do you like it better than wine? What is your favorite beer type?

In other news today I went to a great spinning class this morning and now Evan and I are heading out for an adventure (hopefully pictures to follow) later on tonight. Have a GREAT day!!!

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  1. I have a hard time deciding if I like beer or wine more, mostly because when you're craving one, the other doesn't even sound appealing. You know?

    I would have to say that I am an A+ fans of stouts and porters though. It feels like a meal in a bottle ;)