Monday, October 18, 2010

Cookies, Candy, Muffins and Pie....Oh My!!!

This morning we had a birthday celebration at my work. Here was the spread:

There were cookies ("healthy" pumpkin ones that I made last night),

two kinds of apple crisp (one was my leftovers from last week's crisp), candy, muffins, "Elvis bread"and coffee!!!

It was all SOOOOOO good, but not the healthiest party (but what party is). However, it was a GREAT way to start a Monday!!! I tried to be a little healthy and brought a banana and Greek yogurt from home. I ate the banana and then put a little apple crisp and "Elvis Bread" in my yogurt (totally acceptable). The "Elvis Bread" was incredible with lots of peanut butter and banana flavors. YUM!!! Who said you can't eat pie for breakfast......

To make up for yet another indulgent meal, I went to the gym and took a "Kickboxing IT" class. The class switched from kickboxing (I am getting pretty good at it) to strength moves. It was probably a 6.55 on a scale of 0-10 because it wasn't the most challenging class, but it was really fun.

After sweating a little I came home to my favorite easy weeknight meal: Pre-made salad from Whole Foods. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Every once and a while Evan and I purchase a few pasta salads from Whole Foods and throw them on a salad one week night. This time we got 4 different kinds: Cranberry Couscous, Pesto Pasta, Meditarrian Pasta Salad, and a Corn, Squash and Black Bean Salad. HOLY SALAD!!!!

This massive salad was enjoyed with a piece (or two) of ciabatta . Great, great week night meal!!! Healthy, quick and delicious and surprisingly cheap (for Whole Foods). I am eating a pumpkin cookie (since I didn't get to one this morning) and watching Gossip Girl. Enjoy your night!!!

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  1. What a fun morning treat!

    I definitely love the idea of rounding up different pre-made salads and then tossing them together for dinner :)