Friday, October 15, 2010

Kick This!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

I had a busy day at internship with a meeting that I presented at and lots and lots of children to see. So, I was pretty pumped when 2:45 rolled around. After work, I attended a "Cardio Kickbox" class. If you ever looked in on me "kickboxing" you would be laughing hysterically. Actually I was laughing at myself for at least the first half. My "moves" looked like a spastic chicken. My bounciness/dance moves exceeded my kickboxing skills. At some points I would just throw in a punch or a kick and nobody else would. However, half way through the class I got serious!! I started grunting and punching and at one point I noticed I was biting my lip with fearsomeness. I was a bad ass and was ready to take on the punks that might mess with me. HAHA, it was a really fun class!!! I am definitely going to try to take it again next week!!

Once home, I poured myself a glass of some delicious white wine that Evan's parents brought us when they were here a few weeks ago.

This wine was SO good!! It was flavorful and crisp. I highly recommend it. As for dinner I used a piece of the ham from last night's dinner, cheddar cheese from the apple orchard, and peppers mixed into scrambled eggs

with two slices of bread.


I am off to meet Evan for a Friday drink! Have a FABULOUS night!!!

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