Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Weekend: Part 1

Hello, hello!!! I hope you all had a GREAT New Years weekend! I sure did! It all started Thursday evening when Evan and I made dinner for my parents, brother and brother's friend.

Started with a few apps.....

and wine

We got all fancy and sat in the dining room

While we enjoyed Pasta Primavera!!!

With some bread (of course!)


I woke up Friday morning and went for a very tired 4 mile run around my parents' neighborhood. I finished in 35 minutes and then quickly got ready to meet my friends to head up to New Hampshire. We arrived at my friend's beautiful "lake house" around 1pm and went grocery shopping right away. I was very impressed by the house, it was just gorgeous!!!!!!!

We started the night off with some apps, homemade lasagna, salad and cards.

And then we got the festivities started!

Yes, I changed outfits twice throughout the night (I needed my "New Year's" top on at midnight!) 

To be continued....................

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