Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shopping and Eating

For Christmas Evan bought me two books: Great Runs in Boston and Great Runs in Brookline (both by Mark Lowenstein). Both books are comprehensive guides that feature lots of different theme runs in both Boston and Brookline. Evan gave me the Brookline one for when I run with the Dream Far team and also if I get bored of Boston runs Brookline is the next town over. The books are set up by first giving you the essential stats like the starting point, distance, terrain, lighting, bathrooms, water, public transportation, parking and highlights. Then gives you an overview of the run, directions and then the running route mapped out.

I did not get up on Saturday to go running with my Dream Far team because I babysat late Friday night and then met some college friends who live out of town for drinks. However, I did attempt to run the ten miles on my own. Since I was running on my own I decided to try out my new book (Great Runs in Boston). I decided to combine two routes to make a long run. And the runs incorporated two of my favorite things: Shopping and Food! They were called: "Back Bay Shopping Trip" and "Gourmet Gallop." The runs included some of the nicest streets in Boston and really gave a great tour of different neighborhoods. I even ran up Beacon Hill past the State House at one point. This run definitely had some nice sights and I did not get bored once during the hour and 20 minutes I was out. However, I did get a little hungry running through an area (South End) with incredible restaurants! The run totaled 9.5 miles and I figured that was close enough to 10, so I called it a day!

Here are my stats:

Distance: 9.5
Duration: 1:21:18
Mile 1: 8:08
Mile 2.07 (I was a little late hitting the split button): 8:37
Mile 3 (this was a little less than a mile: .93): 8:18
Mile 4: 8:37
Mile 5: 8:36
Mile 6: 8:32
Mile 7: 8:47
Mile 8: 8:29
Mile 9: 8:28
Mile .5: 4:06

This run was really interesting for two reasons: I was running in the middle of a small snow storm and the course was relatively flat minus running up Beacon Hill (about .25 mile steep hill). I am not sure how these two factors affected the run. One (the snow storm) made me run slower because the roads were slippery and I was cautious that I didn't get hit by cars, but the second factor (flat terrain) allowed me to go faster because I did not have the challenge of steep hills. Needless to say this was a unique run. However, I did feel good and my knee did not bother me! I also really enjoyed the route, especially because I got some good people watching in while they shopped and dined!


After the run, Evan and I had a nice afternoon and evening looking at ring settings, going to the movies (we saw The Fighter) and having a lovely meal out! We both really, really enjoyed The Fighter and highly recommend seeing it, especially if you are familiar with Boston and surrounding areas! Christian Bale was AMAZING!!!! 

As for dinner, we dined at Masa (a South End favorite!). When we arrived there was a large party being held there, so they explained they would not have a table ready until 8:30/9. No worries, the restaurant has a wonderful bar and a tapas sampler plate for only $10!!!! So, Evan and I sat at the bar ordered drinks (I had a Rioja and Evan ordered a Margarita) and split the sampler platter.

I can't even begin to remember what each Tapas was, but I can tell you they were amazing and a perfect appetizer to hold us over till our table was ready. Once we sat, a delicious bread basket and "dips" were brought to us.

Sourdough and Corn bread
Chipotle cream cheese, Honey butter and Red pepper hummus
My favorite combo was the corn bread and honey butter: it tasted like a gingerbread cookie!!! For my entree, I ordered another glass of wine and Blackened rare Ahi tuna steak with yellow Mole sauce, potatoes and wild mushrooms

The tuna steak was amazing, I cannot even do it justice on the blog. It was HUGE, fresh and cooked perfectly. In addition, the yellow mole sauce was a nice complement to the tuna. The only thing I did not like was that the mushrooms were basically nonexistent; I could have used a LOT more mushrooms. Oh well, the meal on the whole was wonderful!

For dessert, I was really full, but still wanted something sweet so I ordered a 20-year aged port:

A perfect ending to a wonderful meal! I highly recommend dining at Masa, it was a great experience!!

My legs are a little sore today, so I think I am going to try a "Yoga for Runners" class on

Has anyone ever used a yoga download? Was it equivalent to a yoga class?

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week!!!

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  1. Lady, it's good that you had a run free of injury/pain!

    I know we ran past a donut shop during my half marathon and the smell was.just.unreal. I was ready to fling myself off the course without a second thought. Naturally.

    Separately, that tuna picture looked absolutely gorgeous - I'm glad you got to enjoy :)