Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frightful Weather!

Well the weather outside's been frightful and my dears it hasn't been too delightful......

It has been MESSY out there these last few days and it is supposed to get worse as the week goes on! They are saying the commute on Friday is supposed to be HORRIBLE!! Needless to say my outside running has been somewhat nonexistent. However, I did have a good run yesterday on the treadmill and today I tried out a Zumba class with a friend! I am hopping tomorrow (Thursday) I will get out for an outdoor run. DreamFar has an 8 miler planned....

My run on the treadmill was only 4 miles, but I did some "speed ups" along the way. It went something like this:

Warm up (5 minutes alternating between 6.0 and 6.5 miles an hour)
minute 6    6.0
minute 7    6.5
minute 8    7.0
minute 9    6.0
minute 10  6.5
minute 11  7.0
minute 12  7.5
minute 13  6.0
minute 14  6.5
minute 15  7.0
minute 16  6.5
minute 17  6.8
minute 18  7.0
minute 19  7.3
minute 20  7.5
minute 21  7.5
minute 22  7.3
minute 23  7.0
minute 24  6.8
minute 25  6.5
minute 26  6.5
minute 27  8.0
minute 28  6.5
minute 29  8.0
minute 30  6.5
Cool Down for 5 minutes and 30 seconds (alternating between 6.0 and 6.5 mph)

Great workout!!! Try it out the next time the weather forces you inside.

Today, I had a fun time dancing my butt away in Zumba! I tried out a Zumba studio close to my house and a friend joined me. I literally had the best time of my life!!! I could have danced for 10 hours straight!!! I LOVED it! I have done a few Zumba classes before, but none compared to this one. The teacher was fun and kept us moving the whole time. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!

As for dinner, I followed Laura's lead and used this recipe from Cooking Light. The only exception was that we used spinach instead of arugula because they were out at the store.

The meal was really good! Light and Fresh! But I think I need to find me some ice cream or chocolate to get me out of the winter blues, especially with all this yucky weather!!!

What do you do to help with the winter blues? Or to help you deal with bad weather?

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  1. The winter blues are the worst. I know that to avoid that feeling, I avoid casseroles like the plague. Delicious? Yes. But they also force me into hibernation-mode, which is unbearable.