Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Weekend: Part II

So where did I leave off..........Oh yea, I woke up on January 1st nice and late! I laid around the house, while my friend Kira baked this beauty:

French Toast Casserole from Food and Wine magazine. Evan and I shared a slice, and let me tell you...Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! On the side I had a bowl of cereal with blueberries and a banana.

And a cup of coffee. The house we stayed in only had a percolator and Evan nor I nor anyone in the house had any idea how to use it. We tried our best, but the coffee came out very weak and watery. I am not sure if we were doing it wrong or it was the coffee, but I did NOT like this coffee!!

After we digested, my girlfriends and I took an hour and a half walk around the surrounding neighborhoods. We had some great chats about life, books and movies. However, once we returned we were all pooped, so we relaxed and ate leftovers all afternoon. We managed to watch two old VHS movies (yes, they were videos!!): Austin Powers 2 and What About Bob? Two classics!!!

Once we were all rejuvenated, it was off to party and eat for the second night in a row starting with cocktail hour:

While we all snacked, Evan made us a traditional southern style New Years Day good luck dinner: BBQ chicken, black eyed peas and rice with bacon, and sauted spinach (instead of collard greens)!


 After dinner we broke into teams and played Partini, which was the "party" version of cranium. It was so fun!

Girls against the boys: My team!

Partini was a LOT of fun!!!


On Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast and cleaned the house! We spent 2 hours doing laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. 

When the house was spic and span, we set off on our journey back to Boston. It ended up taking us over 4 hours to get home (it took less than 2 hours to get there). There was SO much traffic!!! When we finally got home I was SO restless I just had to move around for a little, so I went to the gym and did a 45 minute cycle class. The class was OK. I don't know if I was overtired or too full from an indulgent weekend, but it was not the best workout. Oh well, at least I got moving for a little bit!

When I got back home, Evan was warming up some split pea soup brought over by my mother.

Served with crusty bread!

Perfect end to a perfect weekend!!

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great end to 2010 and a great start to 2011! The french toast casserole looks amazing! I don't think I could only eat half a slice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!