Friday, January 21, 2011

Broke Back Jon!

Looks like we have another snow day here in Boston! Man, I am telling you, the weather is crazy this year! I do not remember it being like this in the past. I mean it did not snow AT ALL before the holidays and then out of nowhere it will not stop! So another day of working out of the house.... Good thing I got my outside run in yesterday!

I ran with DreamFar after school yesterday and it was an interesting run. We had planned to go between 6-8 miles and run around the Jamaica Pond. We were supposed to run 3 times around the pond; however, our first lap around basically felt like we were ice skating! There was a huge sheet of ice around the whole pond.
So, the first 1.5-2 miles was HORRIBLE!!! All I could think about was not falling or breaking something.

Needless to say, we rerouted after that! We decided that the main roads were our best bet! So, we ran to Beacon Street, up to Cleveland Circle and then back to the high school. The road conditions improved a lot and the second half of the run was much better.

Unfortunately, I was so concerned with not killing myself that I forgot to hit my lap button on the Garmin, so I do not know the splits of each mile. But the total time for the run was 1 hour and 10 minutes and the total distance was 7.75 miles. I think we might have gone a tenth or two tenths more because my Garmin didn't start getting reception for a few minutes.

After my run, I hurried home because my brother and his friend were coming over for dinner. My brother had a little ski accident 2 weeks ago and fractured his spine ("Broke Back Jon"). I have not seen him since the accident, so I was anxious to have him over. Luckily, he is doing much better and has no permanent damage, but is in some pain and must wear a back brace.

I prepared my tiny apartment for the company:

And started with a UFO White

This beer was good, but not great. I used to LOVE wheat beers, but have been liking the Belgian beers better recently.

For dinner, Evan and I made Jenna's Chicken Parmesan with a twist recipe. It was really, really good! It was definitely a crowd pleaser.

On the side I made a large salad and had a fresh French Baguette.


For my second beer I switched to a Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale. Much, much better!!!

Good Times!!


Today I am hoping to be somewhat productive and work on a report for work. Not sure if I am going to take a rest day (It is VERY hard for me to "rest") or go to a yoga class. Not sure what's on the agenda for tonight, might meet Evan and a few of his work friends for drinks, but I am hoping I can get up to go running with DreamFar in the early morning tomorrow. We will see.............


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  1. Oh my goodness - it's so good to know that your brother is going to be okay. How overwhelming!

    Love that you made the Chicken Parmesan - it's always nice to see that someone else has tested a recipe you're dying to try ;)