Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burgers and Beer!

Just got back from a great run with the DreamFar team! Man, was it fast and cold!! There is a storm coming in tomorrow, so today definitely felt like the calm before the storm. Before our run today we got photographed by a photographer for a local on-line newspaper. She took a photo of the team plus a few "action" photos. I will link to the article when I find out when it comes out. Ok, so back to the run: we ended up running a little under 6 miles (I am not sure because we ran around a half a mile till I started my Garmin). Here are the splits once my Garmin started working:

Distance: 5:35
Duration: 45:39
Mile 1: 8:44
Mile 2: 8:45
Mile 3: 7:41
Mile 4: 7:58
Mile 5: 9:24 (running with an injured team mate)
Mile .35: 3:05

Mile 3 and 4 were FAST. This one kid really really pushed me hard. I was trying SO hard to keep up with him, but never did. Oh well, he really gave me a run for my money. I felt like I got a good training run in today. The Brookline High track team was running around the pond that we were running at, but they were doing some kind of work out. Man, they are fast!! They blasted right past me when I was going 7:41 minutes/mile.

We were only supposed to run 4 miles today, but our head coach likes to push us a little so we ended up doing close to 6. While I am glad I am getting in the miles, some of our kids are getting seriously injured. Over half of our runners are injured and some seriously injured.  

I know that you can get injured if you run too many miles, but we are only running three times a week, so I am not really sure if the students are getting injured from running just a few miles over the suggested amount.

How close do you follow a training plan? Do you think you can get injured from over training, even if you only run 3 days a week?

Since there is a HUGE storm coming in tonight at midnight, the surrounding school systems (including the school I intern at) have already closed for tomorrow. So, what to do with a night off? 


Eating Burgers (with sauted spinach)

And watching movies about beer: Beer Wars! Evan and I are currently drinking another beer and watching a documentary on Netflix instant about the war between large beer companies (Coors, Budweiser, Miller) and microbreweries. It is pretty interesting so far! I will let you know more about it when it is over!

Do you drink beer? If so would you rather a beer from a large beer company or a micro brew? What is your favorite kind of beer?


  1. Just came across your blog and really like it! (I'm in the Boston area too). You were smart to get your run in yesterday - with all this snow I'm lucky if I can reach my gym today :)

  2. Nice, speedy miles girl! That's awesome. I got injured (ITB issues) running 6 days a week, healed, then got injured running 4 days a week. So I guess it really just depends on intensity. My guess is, if you overdo the intensity and your bod isn't ready for it, you might tweak something. Just be careful! As for the beer (mmm, beer) I definitely appreciate the small micro brews (I'm from CO, so we have lots of them out here). Check out Avery Brewery's White Rascal if you ever have the chance!

  3. Thanks! I have had Avery Brewery's White Rascal and I love it (I am also a fan of the micro brews)!

  4. Sometimes I think kids who go from zero ( laying on the couch playing video games) to even just 3 days can get injured - if they take the bus, don't walk to school, etc.- they just don't move enough during the day. Or, if they are the opposite and do too many sports, well, then running could push them over the edge! Ugh - I guess it's all about balance. How long have they been running?
    The beer looks great! We usually drink microbrews - I guess they are just more interesting!

  5. Laur - Be proud! I finally remembered to check out your blog on my home computer. I love it! I could only scan back through August, but the pictures were amazing and I love your writing, too. Can't wait to see you in a month for all kinds of celebrations. Love you, lady!

  6. Michelle- Thank you for your nice comments and stopping by! Yesterday was a very large blizzard, did u end up getting your run in?

    Runsinthefamily-I completely agree with you on the balance thing. I think the kids who are getting injured are the ones who didn't move very much during the day and now are running 6-10 miles. Thats a lot for anyone!! Thanks for stopping by!!

    Kira- Thanks for checking out the blog and your sweet comments! Can't wait to see you next month!