Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuning Up!

Well, we have another snow day here in Boston! I had a 7 mile run planned with DreamFar, but due to the weather (and no school) I was (again) on the treadmill. However, the run was not too bad and I finished in 61:30 minutes. I kept my incline at .5 and varied my speed between 6.3mph to 7.5mph.

What made the run go by nice and fast was my music selection. I thought I would use this post to discuss music taste. Just as important to feeling good on a run is having some good music to get you through it(especially when you are on the treadmill!!). Here are my current top 10 favorites:

1) Club Can't Handle Me: Flo Rida
2) Dynamite: Taio Cruz
3) Dog Days are Over: Florence and The Machine
4)  King of Anything: Sara Bareillas
5) Medley: Jersey Boys
6) Bad Romance: Lady Gaga
7) December 1963: Jersey Boys
8) Break Your Heart: Taio Cruz
9) Not Afraid: Eminem
10) Defying Gravity: Wicked

What are your favorite tunes to listen to while you run? Do you prefer listening to music, podcast, watching TV, reading magazines, talking to friends or nothing while you run?

Once home I fueled up with this nutritious and delicious lunch!

Pastrami and mustard on honey bread with a side salad of spinach, cinnamon almonds, pepper, carrots and cucumbers (and an unphotographed apple)
Mmmmm I LOVE toasted sandwiches!!! Off to meet a friend for coffee and then to a wedding gala with my mom!

Oh and check out Evan's new blog Just Add Beer!! It is great!

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  1. Lady, I am all about #1, 2, 8, 9. I always wondered if King of Anything would keep me going or not?

    When I'm outside (and even sometimes on the treadmill if I'm in a mood), I LOVE listening to music. Otherwise, reality TV really inspires on the treadmill...hahaha.