Thursday, January 13, 2011

Impromptu Night Out

We ended up getting hit pretty hard yesterday and the snow kept coming even into the early evening. However, Evan and I saw the snow storm as an opportunity to get really cheap theater tickets! Let me explain: for Christmas my mom bought my dad tickets to Jersey Boys and the performance they chose was for last night (Wednesday). Since we got hit hard with the snow storm my mom wasn't sure if the performance was still going on. She received a phone call mid afternoon saying the show was still going on as planned, but if she decided not to attend they would refund her. Hmmm, this got me thinking: What are they going to do with all those extra tickets? Maybe they will sell them at half price? So, Evan (after work) trudged through the snow and went to the box office. They were not selling half price tickets but, they had "obstructed view" seats for only $28 (my mom paid $75 for hers). The guy at the box office told Evan to buy them and just move seats when we get there because a lot of people would not show up with the weather. So, what to do?

And my parents ended up coming in too!!! Before the show, we met up with them at an old German Pub (oldest bar in Boston) for a quick bite and beer.

Evan and I walked through a winter wonderland on the way to the restaurant.

Immediately upon entrance into the restaurant I ordered a Goose Island Matilde to warm up!

Mmmmmm...I love Belgium Beers!!
Then munched on some amazing corn bread!

For my entree, I ordered the spinach salad with walnuts, a soft cheese (not sure what kind), grilled pears, and chicken.

It was very good, nice and light. Thus, I could eat more corn bread and drink more heavy beer!!!

The show was VERY fun!! It had a great story and great music. I know the Four Season's music, but I didn't know the story behind the group. I danced the night away and Evan and I ended up getting great seats! It was a wonderful impromptu night out!!!


I did not end up running with DreamFar today because I was afraid I would get injured with all the snow still unplowed on the sidewalks. So, I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill in 49 minutes. It was a a good run and it was nice to have a controlled temperature and environment, especially when I looked outside and it was SO snowy and cold! I decided I really like running on the treadmill with runs shorter than 6 miles, but prefer outside for longer runs. 

Do you prefer treadmill or outside? What about in the winter?

Almost Friday!!! 


  1. 1. That cornbread looks amazing - I've been having a crazy craving for it lately.

    2. Way to make the most of the snowstorm, lady! Adult snow days are kind of more fun than the kid ones in my opinion.

    3. I'm outside when it's warm-ish/light enough (read: April or so through October) and treadmill in the basement in the winter. With Minnesota snow, it's just too impossible to try and predict what the conditions will be like. I mean, we might get a foot of snow, or there might just be a 20 below wind chill.

  2. I agree with you on all points! Especially #2!

  3. Sounds like an incredible night! So smart of you to take advantage of the opportunity and make the best of a storm! The snow pictures look beautiful, I hope it wasn't super cold! We only got about 9 inches here in NYC, it was actually a little disappointing.

    I prefer running outside, but I've started running on the treadmill more often now that's it's too cold and snowy in the morning. I'm getting kind of antsy though.