Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Home!

Last night I welcomed back a good friend from a two and half year stay in the Panama Canal, while she worked on a master's project for the Peace Corps. A few friends threw together a "Welcome Home" party for her at a local bar.

My friend (at another friend's wedding) Kaitlin

Before I got to celebrating, Evan and I met another couple for dinner at The Elephant Walk. The Elephant Walk offered both Cambodian and French cuisine and is supposed to be VERY good. I had never dined there, so I was VERY excited when I saw a $50 coupon on Since the bar was close to the Boston location of the Elephant Walk, we decided this would be a perfect night to use the coupon. 

Upon arrival my friend Vicki and I split a bottle of Prosecco. Vicki and I have a little tradition of splitting sparkling wine when we go out because she does not care for red wine and I don't care for white, so sparkling is a nice compromise. Ordering Prosecco is also an inexpensive way to have a "fancy" drink when going out, a bottle is usually under $30!!! 

 The menu is set up where half of the cuisine is in the French style and the other half is Cambodian. I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to be more of a fusion of both cuisines instead of separate menus. Oh well, the menu still offered GREAT options! Since we had to spend $100 in order to use our $50 gift card we decided to start with a few apps. The table ordered spring rolls (Cambodian) and PEI mussels (French). Both appetizers were fresh and delicious. The mussels were in a creamier broth than usual and tasted very fresh (sorry I was too hungry to take a picture). 

For my entree, I ordered from the Cambodian menu: Curry de Crevettes (which was shrimp and veggies in a curry sauce and rice). 

The meal was INCREDIBLE!!! I LOVE curry, so I had a feeling I was going to LOVE this meal!! There were lots and lots of veggies and shrimp, so that made for a filling meal!

Evan ordered from the French menu: Steak GrillĂ© Sauce Roquefort (which was grilled flat iron steak with a creamy Roquefort saucy, golden potatoes and a watercress salad). YUM! I received a few tastes and the bites were VERY tasty. However, I am glad I did not order that meal because the Roquefort sauce was a little too creamy for me. But Evan LOVED it, so that was good!

Overall, the resturant was good, but not great. The waitstaff was not very helpful, attentive or nice. They got mad at us when we asked for bread and gave us a look when we asked for seconds on the bread. Also, our waitress never "checked in" with us and made us wait SO long for our bill. In addition, when I asked her what she recommends, she said: "Everything." However, the food was good, so I am sure we will go back, but we probably won't be in any rush. 

With VERY full tummy's the four of us headed over to Kaitlin's party. The party was already bumping when we arrived and we quickly ordered a few beers and joined in the festivities. I had a great time catching up with old friends and Kaitlin's family. And of course ending the night with lots and lots of dancing!!

Hoping to head over to the gym soon for a tredmill run (it is a little too cold in Boston today for an outdoor run). My legs are sore from all that dancing last night, so it might be a short run today. Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!


  1. I love the idea of blending French and Cambodian cuisine - I wish we had a place like this in Minneapolis!

    p.s. Isn't a fantastic thing? Plus, you can pretty much always find a coupon code to get an even better deal on it.

  2. Awww love this post! Yay KK being home :)