Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Incredible Meals!

I just got back from a really fun run with the DreamFar team! Before we headed out for our run the team's "nutritionist" came to have a talk with us. The nutritionist is a co-founder of a nutritional clinic in the area and has volunteered to work with the DreamFar organization. She agreed to teach the students (and coaches) about nutrition, specifically how to eat when you are training for a marathon. She is making her initial rounds to all the high schools this week. At our meeting, she stressed that eating for a marathon should be NO different than eating on a regular basis.

The nutritionist (we will call her Judy) talked about the foundation of everyone's eating should be based on a Real Food diet (sounds like Katheats!). Judy went over how processed foods should be eliminated from ALL diets and protein should be the main focus instead. She said 18-25 grams of protein should be consumed at all 3 main meals and 10 grams at 2 snacks per day. Complex carbs (fruits/Veggies and Starches) should also be consumed in high doses, as well as dairy and fats (Omega 3s and 6s) daily, but in smaller doses. The most interesting part of the discussion was when she explained that it is natural to gain weight during marathon training and explained she will go into more depth next time when she has more time. Finally, Judy said she did not believe in eating during a run unless you are exercising longer than 90 minutes. Judy will be attending and providing healthy snacks at our Saturday practices, so it will be great to have more in depth conversations with her!

After the talk, the students and coaches from Newton North High School joined us on our run. We ended up running 6.75 miles in 67 minutes. We ran to a local arboretum, which included running up a LARGE hill to enjoy beautiful views of the city! It was great! Even though it was dark outside the run wasn't very cold and the views were beautiful (even in the dark!). I LOVED meeting some new friends and being inspired by others! I am pretty sure a marathon is in my near future!


Speaking of nutrition, Evan and I have had two AMAZING meals these past two nights (and also wine!). Recently Evan and I have been craving steaks, so we decided instead of paying a ton at a restaurant we were going to buy some really nice steaks and make them on our own. So we bought two beauties from Whole Foods: Fillet Mignon for her and New York strip for him.

Grilled with garlic butter and rosemary,

with some mashed potatoes and asparagus on the side

Enjoyed some wonderful wine that Evan's father bought us during their visit in September.

It was SO good and had a stronger flavor than most Pinot Noirs. Thanks Allen!!! It was a LOVELY meal!


Tonight we went a little south of the border to Mexico and enjoyed Mexican Bowls!

Made with yellow rice, 3-bean salsa, peppers (green and red), chicken and cheese


Two GREAT nutritious meals!!! Hope everyone is having a good week!

What are your Christmas/New Years plans???

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  1. Lady, those meals just look GORGEOUS. That filet? I die.

    I think it's so interesting that the nutritionist suggested not eating unless you run for more than 90 minutes. I've never eaten during a run (10 mile race, half-marathon) and have felt completely fine. I know that there's a point where I'll need to learn to do it, but that's a good rule to start with!