Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exciting News!

Hello! I have been SO lazy today! I had all intentions of going to the gym after work, however, I came home to grab Evan and my couch ate me. I swear the couch inhaled me!!! So, I didn't end up going and decided to watch Opera and eat lots of snacks instead! Oh well, some days you just aren't feeling it!

I do have some VERY exciting news; I have decided to start training with a group of students and faculty training for the Providence Marathon in May 2011. The program is designed to help students who are not typically runners and also struggle behaviorally and/or academically learn how to set a goal and follow through with that goal (running a marathon). It also teaches high school kids discipline and time management.

In late October I was approached by fellow faculty members to help out with the program. I initially denied the proposal because I could not make such a large time commitment with school, internship and my part time job (tutoring), but today they explained to me that I would not have to make ALL practices and just to show up when and I could. GREAT, sign me up! Maybe this will help motivate me to run outside in the COLD Boston winter and motivate me to run a marathon! I will have my first "practice" tomorrow (Thursday) after school. I will let you know how it goes afterwards (I heard this kids are REALLY fast!). So, this means that there is a possibility that I will be running a marathon in 2011. I am still not a 100% sure, but there is a good possibility. I just want to keep an eye on the knee, so it does not become re-injured.

Tonight's dinner: Home made NACHOS!!!

I LOVE nachos, but they are not the most healthy guys, so I decided to try a healthier version at home. I still used all the favorites: chips, cheese, ground beef, but used organic chips, reduced fat cheese and 90% lean grass fed beef. In addition I added lots of yummy veggies: lettuce, peppers and tomatoes. And of course we used salsa!!! The only thing I forgot was avocados and guac (oh and Mexican Beer!!)!!! But they were still yummy!!!

My plate (x100 servings)

A perfect meal for a cold, lazy Wednesday night!!!


  1. Oohhh exciting news about the potential marathon in the spring (and good for you for running/training with those folks!). PS. those nachos look delish!

  2. I am SO late to the game on this one! What exciting news!

    I think that running/training for a marathon is such a clever way to get kids to focus on a goal that's definitely a stretch and to really achieve something. I can't wait to hear about how all of this ends up turning out.