Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

Well I am almost done with all my shopping, only two more presents to go!

Prior to shopping, I went for a 6.3 mile run around the Charles River in 54 minutes. I do not have my splits because my Garmin did not receive satellite reception until after the first mile. Errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Boston has too many tall buildings; it is so hard to get satellite reception. It has been especially hard since I have been using it in Brookline (when I run with DreamFar) and then Boston (when I run at home). The Garmin has a hard time switching back and forth I think. Anyways, I had a lovely but cold run around the Charles. Even though it was cold, it felt invigorating to run outside! Marathon training here I come!

After a long afternoon of shopping, Evan and I decided to reward ourselves with some beer (and we had to work on our Beer Marathon) So, of course we went to Parish Cafe. I started out with a Rogue Dead Guy

This "ale" was good, but not as good as a Belgium Beers. However, the beer flavor was strong and delicious! Next up Endurance Pale Ale

I mostly just love the bottle this guy came in! The beer kinda tasted like a weak IPA. It was good, but definitely not my favorite. Evan and I also munched on some onion rings as we sipped our beers

These guys were incredible!!! They had herbs in the batter and they were fried so the flavor was awesome!!! Beer and onion rings, you can't ask for a better (or more unhealthy) snack!

As we were leaving the bar we received a text message that our ride (we don't own a car) to the holiday party we were attending cancelled on us, which meant we couldn't attend the party. So, we texted a few other friends to see what they were up to. Evan and I were feeling a little tired so we decided to go over a friend's house and watch a movie and eat dessert!

As we headed over we stopped at our old favorite sushi restaurant: Symphony Sushi. Since leaving college, Evan and I have been to more gourmet sushi restaurants, but we always come back to our old favorite Symphony Sushi.

We started with Edamame, Miso soup and Seaweed Salad

and hot tea to drink

Next up, Evan and I split "sushi deluxe" and an Eel roll

Everything was fresh, simple and delicious. And so much less expensive than other sushi restaurants in Boston. Sometimes simple and inexpensive makes a PERFECT Saturday night.

Even though we were both VERY full, we went to Whole Foods to pick up some desserts to take over to Laura and Matt's house for dessert and a movie.

Split four ways: Christmas cupcake, Peanut butter chocolate tart and chocolate raspberry bar. 

Enjoyed with "Eat, Pray, Love"

I have seen this movie and read the book, but it was still enjoyable the second time around (however the book was WAY better!!). I don't know if I was in a food coma or I was tired from a long day of shopping or I was comfy and cozy, but I fell asleep about halfway through the movie. Oops! I still had a nice  relaxing night with friends! 

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!! So excited for a short work week!!


  1. You liked the book better? I gave up on it after she left Italy lol. I felt like itt was really slow and had too many extra details. I did watch the movie and thought it was a little better than the book though (although I feel asleep watching it the first time, whoops!) Haha

  2. What a wonderful weekend. There's just something about hole-in-the-wall sushi that's the best. And when you get a high-quality meal for a nice price, ain't no one complaining :)

    P.S. I still haven't seen Eat, Pray, Love. I loved the book, but I'm a bit of a Netflix slacker if you can't On Demand it on-the-spot.