Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beer Marathon

This weekend Evan and I dined at Parish Cafe and OMG it was incredible! If you haven't gone there before, GO! Famous chefs from some top Boston restaurants create sandwiches for the cafe, so the menu is eclectic and changes seasonally. After a tough, tough decision I decided to go with the "Elephant Walking on an Egg Sandwich from the Mountain," created by Gerard Lopez (chef/owner of the Elephant walk).

The sandwich was basically like an omelet on French bread. The omelet had mixed veggies and herb goat cheese inside. YUM!!!!! This sandwich was great, but nothing compared to what Evan picked: "Steak & Blue." This sandwich included a generous portion of tenderloin, blue cheese bread, with roquefort butter and marinated red onions. Served with pickled ginger red cabbage, mixed greens and marinated red onions. AWESOME!!

However, the best part of Parish Cafe is the Beer Club. The deal is if you drink all 100 different kinds of beer they have within a 6 month period you receive your own 24oz mug (with whatever you want initialed on it) and can drink from your mug at only a pint price. Evan and I decided to take on this marathon of a challenge and have started training. I started with:

This beer is one of my favorites, I LOVE Belgian beers! One down, 99 to go. This challenge is going to take some hard work and dedication, but I am confident I will succeed (Evan might have to help me out a little bit...).  Wish me luck!

Speaking of training, yesterday I could not make DreamFar's training run, so I decided to run the 6 miles on my own. I ended up running around the Charles river in 53 minutes! It was a nice day in Boston and felt kinda warm compared to the frigid days we have been having, so needless to say it was an enjoyable run.

After the run, Evan and I continued the beer marathon at our friend's holiday party. To keep with the holiday spirit we enjoyed Anchor Steam's Merry Christmas, Happy New year beer:

and enjoyed some GREAT food, games and fun with our college friends!

Great time with good friends. We had such a nice time catching up with our college friends that we haven't seen in a while, THANK YOU HENRI AND ELIZABETH!

How was your weekend? Are you part of a "beer club"? If so, how hard was it to drink all the beers?

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  1. Marcus and I aren't part of any beer clubs, but they definitely have them around here.

    As far as I'm concerned, this weekend was one of the best in recent memory. I'm glad to hear that yours was lovely as well!