Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Becoming Routine

So, I have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow! This is my fourth week within the past month I've had a snow day. I have not had a full week of work since December vacation! In my 20 years of education I have never experienced this trend!

What is up with the weather this year? Are other parts of the country experiencing this trend?

I am going to try and find a balance between work and fun tomorrow (maybe a movie in the evening...) I am also going to try and hit up a noon time spinning class.

BAD NEWS~I apparently injured my groin area during Body Pump on Sunday. I woke up yesterday (Monday) feeling VERY sore, but just figured it was because I haven't done "proper" weight lifting in a LONG time. But today when I woke up still feeling sore (especially in the groin area) I knew something was wrong. However, being the crazy person I am, I attempted to run (on the treadmill) and almost immediately had to stop because I was in SO much pain!! I decided to stop running because I learned the hard way that running on a body part that hurts only leads to a much, MUCH worse injury. I jumped on the elliptical and felt no pain, so I continued for 20 minutes and the climbed stairs for another 20.

I looked up a few articles on groin injuries and found this one to be pretty good. According to the article I must have strained (stretched the muscle beyond its limits) the muscle during Body Pump. As for treating the pain, they suggest the "RICE" method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate). I sure hope I don't have to "rest" from running for too long because I don't want to lose too much training time. Although, I guess a few days of  running "rest" is in order and maybe some yoga.

Have any of you experienced groin pain? What have you done to resolve the problem?

Tonight's dinner included "make your own salad" from Whole Foods.

I put cranberry couscous salad

and string bean salad

and orzo salad

and grape leaves

on top of a bed of veggies!

Mmmm BEST easy weeknight dinner!!!

Enjoy the snow or if you live in some place warm enjoy laughing at us!


  1. I've never had a groin problem, but I know that heat usually works wonders for me. Highly recommend.

    And for what it's worth, we've managed to double the amount of snow we got from last year's totals. It's horrifying stuff, really.

  2. Yeah, i don't understand what's going on with this weather! We've had a storm every week. I think we're just getting rain and ice here though, which is still gross.

    Sorry about your injury. Hopefully the elliptical won't bother it so you can still stay active while you rest up!

    I am a BIG fan of the whole foods salad bar! Enjoy your day off.

  3. Thank you for all your advice! My groin injury is feeling better today...maybe I will try heat later!

    Has the snow affected your commute?