Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's Move!

Hello, hello! How's everyone's week going? I had a great running "workout" yesterday (done on the treadmill) - must have been because I took a break on Monday. Here is how it went and I did the whole run at a .5 incline:

Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 44 minutes
1 Mile: 6.3 mph (warm up)
.5: 7.5 mph
.25: 6.3 mph
.5: 7.5/8.0 mph
.5: 6.3 mph
.5: 7.5/8.0 mph
.25: 6.3 mph
.5: 8.0 mph
1 Mile: 6.3 mph (cool down)

I felt great and actually I could have sped up a little more on the 800s (.5 miles), but I did not want to overdo it on my first time completing this workout. I will try to push myself to doing more 8.0 mph 800s the next time I do this one.

Speaking of running, I decided to run the two halves instead of the full marathon this May. Thanks guys for all your advice! I also was able to sign up for a "fun" 5K St. Patty's day race where they provide an after party with beer! Also, Evan and my brother also signed up for the 5K race, so it is going to be such a fun day!! I am also eyeing another "fun" 5 mile race in April, but have not signed up yet because my running funding has dwindled for this week. Oops! I am hoping to sign up soon and maybe look for a few more races over the summer. As of now, I have one race for March, one for April and two for May. This is going to be an eventful spring!

This morning I watch Michelle Obama on the Today Show. Among many topics, she also discussed her "Let's Move" campaign.

What do you guys think of this idea/campaign? 

Working in a school, this initiative is of special interest to me. I highly, highly believe schools have an obligation to provide education around nutrition and fitness at multiple grades. I also think schools need to provide healthy lunches that include wheat products and more fruits and vegetables. I also think gym should be required at every level and after school fitness classes should be provided.

What role do you think schools should play in the increasing rise in childhood obesity? 

Off to relax and pack because Evan and I are heading to my parents' house tomorrow (we have a meeting with the priest). But before I leave, here are a few pics of our cheesy dinner: Kath's Mac and cheese

Enjoy your night!

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  1. 1. I definitely think schools need to get involved with the way we teach children about nutrition (practically in-terms of feeding them as well as in the classroom) and exercise.

    2. I was SO thinking about you today because I'm trying to figure out if I should run a half on 5/1, another on 6/5 and then trot down the aisle on 6/12. Pro: It will give me something tangible to plan that isn't a wedding. Con: It might actually be insane on that timeline.