Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weight Maintenance

Good News, my groin is feeling much, much better today and I was even able to do a little running! However, now I have a little cold and my nose is a runny mess! So, I decided not to run with DreamFar today because I did not want to run outside and get sicker (especially in the cold and snow) and I also wasn't sure how my groin would hold up.

To the gym I went. Since my groin was feeling better I thought I would try the treadmill. I also have been hearing a lot about the Woodway in the blog world and decided to give it a try. The Woodway advertises that it provides better support than the traditional conveyor belt on a treadmill. I ended up running 7 miles in 62 minutes and felt great! As for my injured area, it did not hurt even a little and my nose actually stopped running for the first time all day.

The verdict on the Woodway: I LOVED it! I actually didn't feel much of a difference while I was running, just a little bumpier than normal (kinda like a country road). My shins felt funny while I was running, but not a bad funny, just different. But I really liked how my legs felt after the run; NO pain at all, especially my knees (which sometimes hurt after a treadmill run). I think I may have converted!

Have you used the Woodway? What are your thoughts?

A few posts back I talked about weight gain during marathon training. I received a few comments about eating healthy to maintain appropriate weight during marathon training (some people actually lost weight). Here are a few more tips I found about weight maintenance during training.

- Fuel appropriately for workouts and calculate how many calories are needed to fuel for the workout - consume that many calories before and during the workout to keep energy levels constant. You burn about 100 calories per mile. 

- Eat Smart! Choose foods that have high nutritional value and eat as much of those foods as your body needs to fuel properly for your run.

Eat fewer calories during the day to lose excess weight. Besides fueling for runs, cut back on calorie consumption to a low but adequate level. For instance, keeping calorie consumption around 1800-2000 per day for women, or 2000-2500 for men, not including whatever is needed for workouts, will help maintain weight. 

- Weight train, especially programs that advertise high repetitions at low resistance (Body pump is a great class). 

Those are just a few, but I agree with the comments previously posted that if you are eating healthy during training, weight gain is normal. 


I leave you with a glimpse of my spicy diner: Shrimp and veggie curry stir fry over basmati rice!


Happy almost Friday!


  1. I'm glad to hear you were able to get back at running a little bit. Injuries (even light ones) are no fun! I've never tried the Woodway thing, actually. Never heard of it actually, I guess ya learn something new every day :)

  2. Lady, it's SO good to know that your groin is doing better - any injury always strikes a bit of fear into the heart of the runner.

    Thanks for sharing more marathon tips - Lord knows any and all are needed at this point :)