Monday, February 7, 2011

A different take on Love.....

I recently stumbled upon this really cute article on love. Being in this relationship for a long time, I have definitely tried to keep the spark going and even had to rekindle the love a few times. There was even a period when I took a break... from running that is!

As cute as this article is, I think it also makes some really great points:

- Listen to your body! It will tell you when it has had too much, can be pushed harder and/or is injured. LISTEN!

- Don't let running become too predictable. So, don't run in the same place, same time or same distance every day. Mix it up a spontaneous!

- Be flexible (even if that means running 2 half marathons instead of the one you planned).

- Appreciate that you CAN run! And love whatever distance and time you can accomplish!

- Even the sweetest relationship can go sour if you overdo it. Time apart, after all, is just as important as time together. If you need a break take it and try another exercise (like Body Pump, Zumba, Cycle). It will make running more fun!

Fun article and makes me get excited for the upcoming holiday. Evan and I never do anything too big, but we just enjoy setting some time aside for just the two of us!

Do you have any Valentines plans yet? 

Today running and I took a little break and I did a 45-minute spinning class and lifted some weights with Evan. It was nice to switch things up today and like the article said: time apart is good. It is making me excited to run tomorrow!

As for dinner, I sautéed a few veggies (Kale and Baby Bella Mushrooms) and Italian Chicken Sausages.

I added a little of this soup:

Let it simmer for a little while

PERFECTION! Served with crusty bread.


Off to watch Gossip Girl and eating ice cream! Enjoy the night!


  1. Oh my gosh, that meal looks AMAZING. I've been searching for fun, different ways to incorporate more kale in my diet... this is perfect! I'm absolutely going to try this :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. As for Valentine's day, I'm making dinner :) We'll be having Risotto as per Marcus' request. What will the two of you do?

    In terms of switching up workouts (to keep my rockin' relationship with running fresh...hahaha), I know that I usually wait for a yoga craving to strike and then I switch over to that for a few days.

  3. I thought I'd let you know, I made the soup last night (with tons of delish kale) and it was a huge hit! I LOVED it... I'm for real going to be making that again soon. Yay! Thanks again for sharing the recipe!