Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tour of the World!

Hello there! I hope everyone's week is going swell! Mine has been a bit of an adjustment after being off for a few days!! To brighten up the week, I thought I would share with you my "Tour of the World" I had with my family this past weekend....

To start, on Friday evening (after seeing Harry Potter 7, which was incredible!!) my parents, Evan and I went to Border Cafe to indulge in a little Tex Mex.

Started with some yummy chips and salsa

and (of course) a Margarita!

However, my stomach felt a little upset and I could not finish the margarita. I guess I was still nervous that the Death Eaters were coming after me (haha!).

For my entree I ordered the Catfish fajitas with a mango salsa. YUM! I was unsure if I was going to like catfish, but I was in the mood to try something new! And I was sure glad I did because these babies were GREAT!

From Mexico, we headed to Greece and dined at Byblos on Saturday night.

My family and I started with hummus, olives and pita. WOW, does hummus taste different in a restaurant (authentic Middle Eastern one) versus in a container from the supermarket. I LOVE the oil and herbs in the middle

Of course we had a bottle of delicious wine (x2)!

And Greek salad!

For my entree, I had shrimp kabobs. MMMMMMMMMM, enough said!

For our final destination we visited China!

The Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown, which had a line out the door!!

We started with wanton soup for the table!

Chinese watercress (with garlic and a house sauce - best pick of the night, maybe even on the whole tour!)

Vegetable Dumplings that were VERY disappointing and had a weird spice to them.

Kung pow chicken

and beef with string beans (my second favorite dish)

My belly is quite full and satisfied after this trip! However, it's back to the States this week.....

What is your favorite type of ethnic food? What is your favorite dish there?

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  1. I can never decide what my favorite ethnic cuisine is. Basically as long as it's authentic, I'm in love.