Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Spice up a Wednesday...

WINE!!!! O yea, I went THERE!

Why does wine make everything seem so fancy and great? Weeknight life just seems so repeated lately, so I decided a couple glasses of wine would spice up a Wednesday night! And boy did it. Dinner seemed SO much more fun with a glass of wine. I actually felt like I was out to dinner. Maybe I should implement this strategy more often....... Hmm, this could be dangerous!

My fancy restaurant dinner included Kale Chips, frozen mixed veggies and a chicken sausage.

Simple, yet delicious and fancy because of my glasses of wine! Haha

In other news, I went to a GREAT spinning class today. The class incorporated a lot more intervals than I am use to and instead of going up a large hill we did a fast LONG interval at a moderate incline. I am not sure if I loved this style of class, but I did like the change up from the usual class. Also, and the greatest part of the class, was at the end of class the instructor came up to me and said I looked really strong! This made my night (besides the wine) because spinning is my most challenging workout (harder than running a 1/2 marathon sometimes), so I am SO excited I am improving. I guess practice makes perfect.

What do you do to spice up your week nights?


  1. Love Montepulciano. It's delicious.

    On an ordinary weeknight, I usually try to either cook something special, eat a small and special treat or do something good for myself, like paint my nails.

  2. I would die without a bubble bath with a glass of wine at least once a week!