Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy, Happy Hour!

Happy Saturday! I just got back from a revitalizing cycle class, which helped me recover from the happy hour (I mean 6 hours!) last night!

After work, a few other interns and I went and got manicures to celebrate the end of the week.

It was SO nice to relax and "girl chat" after a busy day/week. I forgot how much I LOVE getting my nails done, especially when it only costs $10.

After we beautified we went to "Happy Hour" at a Mexican restaurant in Cambridge called Border Cafe.

This restaurant gets SO busy on Friday nights that it is hard to even stand around the bar; the wait for a table is usually over an hour. Luckily, we arrived around 5, before the rush, and were able to get a few seats at the bar. I started with this beautiful drink:

I started drinking and chatting and it instantly brought me to a tropical vacation! And since I was "on vacation," I decided to order a second margarita. A few other friends met up with us throughout the night and while we were chatting and drinking, I munched on a few of these chips and salsa.

Border Cafe has some of the BEST chips and salsa I have EVER had!!! The salsa tastes very fresh, with chunks of tomato in it. What could possibly top margaritas and chips and salsa: a shrimp and catfish quesadilla, that's what! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture because a girlfriend and I split them and inhaled them as soon as they came out. YUM!!!!!!!! We enjoyed our quesadillas at the bar while we continued to chat.

Since more friends met up with us, I ended up staying at Happy Hour/ being on vacation until 11pm!!!!! Within that time I consumed 2 Corona lights! Around 11, two friends and I took the  train home, where Evan was waiting with a glass of wine (Evan had to work till 11). Fortunately, I denied the wine, but engaged in some conversation about the week (Evan has been working every night this week till 11).

Today, Evan and I are heading to my parents' house so that we can attend a congratulatory party for a friend, who just passed his CPA exams.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! Also, good luck to all those running the New York marathon!!!!!

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  1. Margaritas + Manicures = Cure for most of life's ills.

    Way to do something lovely for yourself this weekend, lady!

    p.s. When presented with chips and dip at a Mexican restaurant, the only appropriate response is to inhale them. :)