Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Successful Long Run!

I had a 10 mile run planned for today, so in order ensure success I started off with some preparations. I ate an incredible dinner last night with friends:

Laura, Matt, Evan and I dined at Addis Red Sea, an Ethiopian restaurant in the South End. Evan and I dined here once before for his birthday about 2 years ago. And I think I took this same picture of Evan two years ago, haha....

The restaurant is VERY cozy and you dine at these little handmade tables:

There is also unique art work on the walls:

Evan and I split a bottle of VERY inexpensive Cabernet Savignon ($26)

It was good, not great. But AMAZING if you consider the price. (And actually almost rivaled the $65 bottle we got last week). For dinner we split a lamb dish

and a combo dish that included chicken wot and three veggie sides (lentils, peas, and collard greens).

All together now, served on their AMAZING bread (that I ate WAY to much of!!!)

Only the half closest to us was ours, the other half was Laura and Matt's. I really liked how communal this meal was and how you got to eat with your hands. Evan and I finished this meal in like 5 minutes flat. It was THAT good!! In addition to being incredible, this meal also provided the energy and nutrients that I needed to support me on my run today.

RUN to this restaurant (if you live around Boston!!!)

Keeping with the theme of fueling properly for my run, I ate a healthy and delicious breakfast. We used frozen bread that we purchased from When Pigs Fly bakery last summer. I think it was a fruit and nut bread. Anyways, it was still great!

French Toast with banana's and 1/2 of an orange on the side:

In addition to good food, good sleep is also important. I got 8.5 hours of sleep last night. Finally,  drinking LOTS of water is imperative for me to have a successful run (both before and during).

OK now on to the run.....

Distance: 10 miles
Duration: 1:25:30
Mile 1: 9:07
Mile 2: 8:28
Mile 3: 8:43
Mile 4: 8:53
Mile 5: 8:53
Mile 6: 7:50
Mile 7: 8:07
Mile 8: 8:21
Mile 9: 8:19
Mile 10: 8:40

I decided to switch things up today and run ALL over Boston. I ran from my house to the North End by way of Beacon Hill and the State House, by the water to the Seaport area, then through the Financial District (I kinda got lost here), back through Downtown Crossing to the Boston Common then to the South End and back. WOW, I really got a tour of Boston!! Even though I have lived in Boston for the past 7 years, I always love an opportunity to explore it!

I also was all over the place with my times. I am not sure if it had to do with the weather (it was freezing and windy!), or that at some points I was unsure of the area, or I just felt better at some points than at others. As much as you prepare for a successful run you never know what you are going to get.

Although it was cold and windy out, the sun was beautiful and it inspired MANY people to be out and about today. It was fun to "people watch" as I ran by them!

Just as important as it is to prepare well for a long run, it is just as important to properly recover after the run as well. I usually make sure to stretch outside and inside of my building. I also ice my knees for 10 minutes and then eat something and drink LOTS of water. I have not tried coconut water yet, but I hear it has positive affects especially after a strenuous workout.

What are your thoughts on coconut water? How do you ensure successful long runs? Any good runs this weekend?


  1. To ensure successful long runs, I eat carbs w/out abandon, don't eat anything particularly heavy the morning of (it makes me feel nauseous) and hydrate for the 48 hours before.

    I've head that Coconut Water works wonders, but I'm definitely part of the "why drink it when you can eat something with those nutrients in it?"-school. I believe for some people it works but personally, I'd rather drink a lot of water and have a banana and some pb toast post-run to replenish.

  2. I've actually never tried Coconut water before, but I've heard the same things! Last spring I just started drinking Whey protein shakes after long runs to help with recovery and now it's a staple in my training program! an ice bath, whey protein shake and Compression socks helps me bounce back much faster!

    Also, great job on the 10 mile run! Running around different parts of the city is one of my favorite hobbies, and in my humble opinion it's the best way to see everything! I really need to be better about running around Brookline and Cambridge, there is so much to see! We should plan a run sometime :)

  3. Thanks girls!!!

    Yes Kim, let's go running. Are you planning any runs this weekend?

  4. Nice job on the long run, speedy lady! And that food looked AMAZING. Mmmm. I've not done coconut water before, but I usually do watered down Simply OJ after a long run. Straight juice is too much for me, but I like the electrolytes.