Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco: Part 2

I think I left off Wednesday afternoon after our hilly walk back to the hotel. We rested up and then went to a Massachusetts School Psychology social on the 42nd floor of the Hilton. The view was amazing, too bad I forgot to take a picture (oops). I did mange to get a group shot of our cohort!

I have had an amazing 3 years with these guys and am sure going to miss them next year!!! We did not want the fun to end, so our cohort (plus a few significant others) went over to Limon for dinner.

Limon is a Latin-style tapas restaurant recommend to us by friends. Oh my, this restaurant was in the top 3 of the trip!!! It had a Latin feel and was also hip and trendy. They seated our large group on the loft overlooking the entire restaurant.

I started with a glass of Malbec and then switch to sangria.


Evan and I split a few small and large tapas. First up yucca fries (best fry EVER!!!)

Beef stir fry

Short ribs (Best meal of the night)

Stuffed Calamari (actually this was not very good, but maybe because we were too full at this point)

Amazing dinner!! If you are in San Fran, RUN to Limon!!!

After dinner the group headed out for a few drinks and laughs at a bar.

Thursday morning, I woke up early to head tackle these San Francisco hills. I decided on a route that included some flat terrain and some hills. I ran to Market Street, down Market to the water, along the water to Fisherman's Wharf and then back down the roads we walked up on Wednesday to the hotel. The total run was just under 5 miles. Here are the stats:

Distance: 43:25
Duration: 4.9
Mile 1: 7:31
Mile 2: 8:12
Mile 3: 8:08
Mile 4: 10:42 (major HILLS!!)
Mile .9: 8:52 (1/2 of the mile was HILLS!!)

The run was really good, tough, but good! The first part, I had a lot of energy and went FAST!!! Then I got to the hills and I cannot even put into words how tough it was. I only did about a mile of hills, but at some points I had to walk (OK at a lot of points I had to walk). There was even a few cars that drove by and beeped at me for being crazy. Haha, I am glad I can say I got to run up the San Fransisco hills!!

After recovering from the run, I met Laura at the conference to attend a few more presentations on RTI and high school students. They were pretty good, one was better than the other. After the talks, we met up with the guys and headed over to the famous Ferry building for lunch.

Unfortunately it was raining, so we grabbed a cab. However, the Ferry building was literally my favorite event all trip! Here are a few sites from the building:

We made our way to a food court like restaurant in the ferry building for lunch: 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 soup, 1/2 salad

And amazing dessert: Vegan caramel donut and Blue Bottle coffee (split with Evan)

We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon sampling beer at local brewpubs. Check out Evan's blog for the  beery details. All I can say is we tasted some AMAZING beers, too bad we can't get the good stuff in MA.

Stay tuned for the final addition of the San Francisco trip, including my number one restaurant out of the whole vacation!!!


  1. Lady, at this point I'm so just drooling on the keyboard - your trip just keeps on getting...better? More insane? I'm just SO glad that you all had such a good time :)

    p.s. The Malbec-Sangria dilemma is not one I envy.