Saturday, March 19, 2011

How has reading blogs changed you?

Three years ago I didn't even know what a blog was. It wasn't until I caught Laura checking out her sister's blog (Katheats) before class that I realized how addicting blogs can be (and informative). After finding Kath's blog I quickly started reading 10 + other healthy living blogs. And then this summer I tried to create a niche for myself in the community with my own blog.

After three year of reading blogs I have noticed how being part of the blog community has changed my life. I have always tried to be healthy and eat in a balanced way and work out. But now my eating habits have gone from "diet" foods or low fat foods to really wholesome foods. I remember eating a 100 calorie snack in the afternoon and wondering why I was still starving. And eating a lunch that I thought was balanced, but being hungry three seconds later. Not to say that I am not starving after I eat now, but it has gotten a LOT better. 

In addition, over these last three years I have realized how good food can be. I have learned some amazing recipes and dining out spots. I am not sure if this a good thing, but my budget for food has increased greatly and going to a so-so sports pub for regular bar food does not have the same appeal it once did. I am not saying I would never go to a sports pub, but I have definitely started thinking twice about it. I also tell myself that if I just save the money I would have spent at the bar and make a good dinner (thank you blogs) at home instead, then I can could go out for an amazing meal the next weekend.

I have also been introduced to foods I would not otherwise try and now have become a staple in my house (kale, vegetarian-focused meals, and goat cheese - just to name a few). 

Also, I don't feel the guilt I once did over food, and more importantly I have learned balance. I learned that it isOK to put cheese on your salad and use olive oil and butter in your food. It is ok to eat amazing desserts a few times a week. It's ok to enjoy food without the guilt as long as it is done in a balanced way. 

As far as my fitness goes, the blog community has pushed me to run further and faster. It is inspiring to read some stories of others who have run marathons and other long distance races. It has made me really want to run and complete a marathon. Because, hey, if they can do why can't I? 

Finally, it is so nice to see such a helpful and supportive community. Reading blogs has definitely changed my life for the better.

How has reading blogs affected your life?

Speaking of food, I went to another Restaurant Week restaurant last night: Sorellina.

Evan and I walked a quick 5 minutes to Sorellina where we met up with some friends. The four of us were instantly impressed with the white decor in the restaurant and how modern the theme was. Our reservation was not until 9:30, but when we arrived at 8:30 they said they could seat us earlier. Everyone at Sorellina was VERY nice and helpful.

After much patience from the waitress and many suggestions and tastes, Evan and I decided on this Zinfandel from California (couldn't pass up a Sonoma wine!).

The wine bottles (and glasses) were VERY expensive here, hence why we took so long to choose. I thought it was a negative point to the restaurant because the majority of their wines were between $70 and $100. The wine was very good, but I do not feel it was entirely worth $65.

For my first course I had the Insalata with mixed artisan greens, dried cherry vinaigrette and shaved goat cheese. It was a VERY nice size for an appetizer

The greens were good and some were different tastes than I am use to; the cherries added a nice sweet component and there was a good amount of goat cheese on this salad. However, I liked my salad at Pigalle better.

For my main course I ended up going with the salmon so I could get a good idea of this restaurant and compare it to Pigalle. The salmon had a honey glaze over it; peas and oyster mushroom velutatta accompanied it.

It was good, but not great. The taste of last week's salmon was much better. The salmon was cooked well and the flavors were a nice accompaniment, but I liked the earthiness of last week's salmon better. However, Evan got the Pappardelle with lamb shoulder ragu and we both agreed it was overall the best meal of the two dining experiences. It was just AMAZING!!!!!!

For dessert, Evan and I split the cheesecake and panna cotta

Both were small, but good. MUCH better than the desserts at Pigalle. I had never tried Panna Cotta before, so I was a little surprised at how gelatin-like it was. I am not sure if I loved it or not, but it was defiinitely interesting. It was one of those things that once I got over the initial shook of it looking like a horse's foot I enjoyed it.

Anyways, overall I am not sure which restaurant I liked better. I do know that Sorellina is VERY expensive if not Restaurant Week, and I do not feel that the meals were worth that price.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Any good (or bad) restaurant experiences this week?

Be back with a running recap soon, I had two GREAT runs this week!!!

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  1. I went to a delicious Mediterranean-themed buffet for brunch today. Loved it.

    Blog reading has definitely changed my approach to nutrition/fitness/style. I think that it is SO helpful to learn from others' experiences with something you're looking to try, so that you don't leap blindly.