Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Night before...

I am kicking off my racing season tomorrow with the Ras na hEireann 5K in Davis Square. I am not taking this race too seriously, since it is a fun drinking race and Evan is running with me. I think I am going to treat this as more of a "workout" than a race and just have fun! There is also a huge party afterwards at local bars for the runners. I am getting excited! Plus it is also fun to run with friends and fiances!!!

Since, I am treating tomorrow as more of a fun run, I decided to get a few miles in today. It was a beautiful 50 degrees and sunny in Boston, so I took advantage of the nice weather and ran outside. I planned on running between 5 and 6 miles, but as soon as I went out I had horrific cramps in my stomach. I don't know if it was the beer and chili I ate last night or what. But it was not a pretty run. I pushed myself (since it was so nice out) to go at least 5 miles. I did run them at a good speed and my cramps eventually went away, but it was not my best (feeling ways) run. Here are the stats:

Distance: 5.12
Duration: 42:42
Mile 1: 8:19
Mile 2: 8:09
Mile 3: 8:18
Mile 4: 8:25
Mile 5: 8:15

I did a loop up Beacon street, to Beacon Hill, around the Common and back through the South End. It was nice and I am glad most of my splits were consistent and the weather was unbelievable. I just hope that tomorrow's run is better and most importantly that I feel better with NO cramps!!!

How do you get rid of cramps during a run?

At least I will be well fueled for tomorrow's run. I am headed out to meet some friends for some fine French cuisine to celebrate Boston's restaurant week. Oh, and I have a new dress to dine in. I can't wait! Hopefully (unless I have too much fun at the after party tomorrow), I will be back to recap tonight's dinner (and outfit) and the race tomorrow!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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