Saturday, March 5, 2011

San Francisco: Part 3 (Final Edition)

So, I bring you the final edition of the San Francisco trip. I cannot believe it has been one week since we got back!!! Anyways, I left you as I was drinking my way through San Francisco's Haight district.

Around 7 we decided it might be time for a little food. Laura and Matt invited us to join them at Millennium for dinner. Millennium is a vegetarian restaurant that was conveniently located in our hotel. In addition it was highly recommended by Kath. However, not all of us (Evan) were super excited to go to an all vegetable restaurant. All night he kept saying "Really, there is no meat??!!" But he was a good sport and kept an open mind to try a new cuisine.

WOW, I am so glad he did because this was by far my FAVORITE restaurant on the whole trip. Just AMAZING!!!!

The table started with Black Bean Torte and a complimentary Crusted Oyster Mushrooms.

Oh my goodness the torte was simply amazing and heaven in my mouth!!! I am drooling just thinking about it!

For my entree I had seared sweet potato griddle cakes:

So creative and delicious! BEST meal of the trip, enough said!

Friday morning I attempted the hotel gym one last time. I ellipticalled for 40 minutes and then did push ups and sit ups. After breakfast we showered and checked out of the hotel and headed over to the boat for Alcatraz Island.

So cool! I loved this event, especially since I had never visited a jail before:

After Alcatraz, Evan and I walked around Ghirardelli Square and then over to the Marina District. We stopped in a cute little coffee shop and grabbed a tea to warm up. Once we worked up an appetite we headed back to the Ferry building for an early dinner.

We dinned at the infamous Slanted Door restaurant.

We started with the slanted door spring rolls

For our entree we split:

Banana leaf black cod
Baby Bok Choy with mushrooms
Shaking beef (cubed filet mignon)
Everything was good, but  not great at Slanted Door. It was actually pretty expensive for not amazing food. I was kinda disappointed for this meal because I was really looking forward to dinning here. It was not like it was bad, just not incredible for the price.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and then headed to the airport for our red eye flight home. I had an amazing trip in San Francisco and can't wait to go back!

I hope everyone has a great week!!! Happy Weekend!!


  1. Happy weekend to you too, lady! I know that I'm always astonished when I get home from a trip and it's like, I was where last week?!

  2. I disagree with you...I thought the Shaking Beef was AMAZING! It was cooked perfectly, and the sauce did not overpower the natural taste of the beef at all. You know I like big sauces, but here I appreciated the lighter sauce (oh and the onions!).

    Also, I can admit that the vegetarian meal was quite possibly the best of the trip. Plus I got to try me some Pliny the Elder!