Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is on the way...

Today was a beautiful day in the city and I definitely can tell spring is on the way. Oh and I am loving the time change! To get out of the gym and it still be light out is amazing!!

Do you like spring ahead or fall back time change again?

Besides the change this week has been CRAZY at work, so I am really looking forward to spring and especially April vacation! I felt great on Monday after the race and had no soreness!! I took yesterday off from running and climbed some stairs and elipticalled instead and I did a few chess and bicep exercises as well.

However, today I was excited to run again. I think the sunny weather put me in a good mood. But (don't yell at me) I ran on the treadmill instead of outside. I had a speed workout planned and I usually prefer to do those on a treadmill. I am hoping to run outside on Thursday, I hear it is going to be 60!!!

So, on the treadmill I did not have a specific plan, just run fast! Here's what I did at a .5 incline:

Minutes     Speed
0-2             6.3
2-4             6.5
4-6             6.8
6-8             7.0
8-10           6.3
10-12         7.5
12-13         6.3
13-15         7.5
15-16         6.3
16-18         7.5
18-19         6.3
19-20         6.5
20-22         8.0
22-23         6.3
23-25         8.0
25-26         6.3
26-28         8.0
28-29         6.3
29-30         6.5
30-32         8.5
32-33         6.3
33-34         9.0
34-35         6.3
35-36         6.5
36-37         6.8
37-38         6.5
38-40         3.5

I completed 4.5 miles after 38 and then cooled down and walked for the remaining 2 minutes. A goal of mine during the run was to have less recovery time than on previous Tuesday workouts, so as you can see I recovered for only a minute versus 2 in the past. I definitely felt this change because I was huffing and puffing a bit more than usually. I also was getting tired towards the end of the workout. But all and all it was a good speedy workout!

I came home and refueled with one of my favorite meals: Chicken, ziti, broccoli, mushrooms and pesto! YUM!

Have a great night!


  1. Great workout Lauren! I'm looking for more speed workouts, do you have any that you can share with me? :) I am always so lazy and run everything at MP, which is SOO stupid. haha

  2. Hi! Other speed workouts I have tried are 6-8x 400s or 4-5 x800s with a warm up and cool down. Hope that helps and will let you know if I think of any other ones.

  3. I don't know which change I prefer more. I do know that I didn't feel particularly "thrown" by it this year, which seemed to be a good thing because I think a lot of people were? Go figure.