Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running Tips

Yesterday's 4 mile run went well. I ended up running at the gym on the treadmill because it was too hot to run outside. I completed the 4 miles in 35 minutes and 30 seconds and then took a half an hour core class. I don't know about you guys, but it is harder for me to go fast on a treadmill. My times seem to be slower on the treadmill that outside, why is that?

Do you guys prefer outside or treadmill running?

I thought I would dedicate this post to my favorite sport: running.

Running Tips (Disclamer- I am not a personal trainer or professional runner, these are just some tips that have helped me with my running):

1) Sign up for a race: It does not matter the race or the distance, just sign up for one and it will help motivate you to run.

2) Do intervals: Start with with a brisk walk for a few minutes and then run for a few minutes. Vary the intervals to increase motivation and endurance.

3) Make sure you have the right shoes: If you are going to be running 3-5 times a week then you need to make sure you are using shoes that are right for you. I have had a lot of luck with Marathon Sports. It is also important to change your shoes every 300-400 miles.

4) Stay Hydrated: Make sure you drink water before and after your run and if you are running longer than 1/2 hour drink during the run.

5) Stretch: Stretch 10 minutes into your run (not before you start); your body needs to be warmed up before you can stretch. Stretch 15-20 minutes after your run.

6) Rest: In order to have maximum performance during your hard runs, make sure you have at least one rest day a week and two easy work outs a week.

7) Ice: Ice knees for 5-10 minutes after long runs.

8) Follow a training plan: Some of my favorites are Cool Running and Hal Higdon.

9) Run Hills: Make sure you incorporate hills into your runs.

10) Strength train: Especially leg exercises!

Have Fun!!!! Happy Running!

Off to do a little light cardio and a strength class.

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