Thursday, August 26, 2010

Montreal Day 1!

Hello from Montreal! We had a great first day! The day started at 6:30 am when I dredged through the rain to the gym. I had a 40 minute tempo run on the agenda and completed it on the treadmill. Here is the workout:

Incline         Speed        Time
.5                 6.0             0-3
.5                 6.5             3-8
.5                 7.0             8-10
0                  7.1            10-12
0                  7.3            12-14
0                  6.6            14-16
0                  7.5            16-18
0                  6.8            18-20
0                  7.6            20-22
0                  7.8            22-24
0                  6.8            24-25
0                  8.0            25-27
0                  6.8            27-29
0                  8.5            29-30
.5                 7.0            30-32
.5                 6.5            32-37
.5                 6.0            37-40

This work out was hard!!! I do not know if it was because of the time of day (I don't usually work out first thing in the morning) or the workout itself, but I was dying during this workout!

Once homed and showered I had a bowl of Instant Oatmeal with Flax. I only use these packets for emergencies when I am in a rush. My oatmeal included a banana, peanut butter, blueberry jam, and a handful of granola.

After breakfast a hot man in a car came to pick me up and we were on our way to Vermont (Magic Hat Brewery) and Montreal, Canada.

The car minus the hot man

Here are a few pictures from our drive and first day of vacation:

Picnic lunch at a rest stop in VT
Magic Hat Brewery

Jardin Nelson Restaurant in Old Montreal
Incredible wine!!!
French Onion Soup
Veggie, Olive, Basil, Cheddar Cheese, Moz Cheese, and Goat Cheese Crepe
Coffee with Amaretto and Cognac
It was a perfect first day to our vacation (and NO rain)!!!! Cannot wait to go explore more today!!! I am finishing up a Luna Bar and heading to the hotel gym with Evan to get in a quick workout before we head out for the day. Have a great Thursday!


  1. Ooh that french onion soup looks delightful! I didn't know the Magic Hat brewery was there, how fun.

  2. I'm jealous...I love the old port!