Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exploring Montreal

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of posts, but our hotel did not offer free WIFI, so it has been a little challenging finding free Internet. Today is our last day in Montreal and Evan and I are a little sad to leave. We have had a GREAT trip! What a unique city Montreal is. Let me start with Thursday....

I started the day off with a quick workout in the hotel gym.

I warmed up with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did a series of strength moves:
3x12 squats
3x12 chess press
3x12 bicep curls
3x12 tricep dips
3x12 lunges
3x12 push ups
3x12 shoulder lifts
It was a good workout considering I was using a small hotel gym. After we showered and beautified we headed down to St. Denis Street (which is a little like Newbury Street in Boston). We had heard it was a great street for cafes and people watching. We ended up finding a cute little French bistro where we could sit outside and enjoy some coffee and sandwiches.

I ordered a ham and cheese panini with a small side salad. It was a perfect lunch.

Evan ordered another crepe with ham and cheese, veggies with provencal sauce, and an egg on top. I tried a bite and it is so weird how crepes can be made to taste SO different. This crepe was SOOOOOOO different than the night before.

After lunch we walked up Saint Denis Street onto Sherbrooke street. We walked along Sherbrooke and checked out McGill College. There was a freshmen orientation going on and it looked SO fun, it is kinda weird to me that you can drink at 18 in Montreal. Next we walked up onto St. Catherine Street and walked in and out of a few shops. Luckily we did not buy anything, but it was fun to window shop.

Once we started approaching the hotel we saw a Diary Queen. We thought it would be good to get TWO blizzard treats from Diary Queen. BAD DECISION!!!!!

After eating most of our ice creams we immediately got tired and went and took a nap by the hotel pool.

After we rested up we went to investigate this "underground mall" we kept hearing about.

It was pretty much like every other mall I have been to, but it was all underground which was pretty cool. Also, they had a supermarket, hair salons, metro station, fitness center, work buildings, and apartment buildings also attached to the underground area.

Once we freshened up we headed out to dinner (we were still full from the Blizzards). We went to a restaurant called The Keg, upon recommendation of the hotel. Apparently they had just opened up a new trendier version of the restaurant in the financial district of Montreal.

When we got there (around 7:30pm) there was a 45 minute wait, so we went to the PACKED bar and got a drink. I like how in Montreal you can order a small drink or upgrade to a larger drink for a few dollars more. I decided to upgrade my glass of wine to the large, while we waited for our table.

Around 8:30 our table was ready. The Keg looked like a traditional steak restaurant with very manly looking furniture and decor. For dinner, I got a Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and Evan got a prime rib and Shrimp combo. We also shared the trio side, which came with asparagus, marinated mushrooms and sweet potato fries. YUM!!!!!

For dessert we split a Spanish Coffee.

One thing I noticed/love about Montreal is how the waiters do not rush you at dinner and dinner can take up to 2-3 hours because everything is so relaxed. We had a great dinner at The Keg and a great second day in Montreal!

More Montreal coming soon.......

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