Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update and Fun Date

So, things don't look good. I attempted to run again and the pain returned. I ran on the treadmill to test out my legs for the race on Sunday. For the first 5 minutes I felt fine and had no pain. Then for the second 5 minutes I had about a level 3-4 (out of 10-10 being unbearable) of pain. For minutes 10-15 the pain went to about a 5 and for the the final 5 minutes I was experiencing about a 6 or 7 amount of pain. So by 20 minutes I decided to stop because the pain was getting worse instead of better. I came home and iced my knee.

The good news is that the outside of the knee did not hurt while I was walking back from the gym or sitting. While I was icing my knee I did a little Internet research and found that my symptoms were consistent with the Lateral Collateral ligament strain. I do not think it is pulled or severely injured because the pain is not severe and does not hurt while walking. The information on-line suggests icing, ibuprofen, and raising the leg. In addition, reducing physical activity is also recommended.

So, my plan for the next week (or two) is: I am not going to run the race on Sunday (I might walk it or if someone wants to buy my number from me for 1/2 price PLEASE let me know), I am going to do more yoga (I attended a yoga class at 02 yoga and loved it!), walk more for exercise, continue to weight lift, and maybe do some light non impact cardio (elliptical, stair climber, bike). If it still hurts in 2 weeks I will go see a doctor.

What do you think? Any suggestions? What do you do when you have a running injury?

Well on to some good news......

Tuesday evening my friends and I had our 4th book club meeting on Sarah's Key

Laura hosted the event and did a wonderful job preparing a lovely fondue spread

She melted Swiss and Gruyere cheese


Carrots and apples

French baguette and focaccia bread

and (unphotographed) roasted potatoes. Laura also made an amazing spinach salad

For dessert I brought vegan chocolate cupcakes and my friend Vicki brought a fruit salad. YUMMM!!

The book club discussion was interesting and heated at points. Most of the girls did not like the book and thought the plot was lacking; however, they thought it was entertaining. In addition they felt the protagonist was weak and not someone they could relate with. Although they did enjoy the parts about Sarah and learning about a part of French history that is not discussed often.

If you have read Sarah's key, did you enjoy it? What did you think of the maine character?

Overall it was a wonderful evening with great food, wine and discussion!! Off to eat chocolate and relax. Enjoy your night!!


  1. Love the book club, sounds like a blast! :)

    I'm sorry that you're not running the race on Sunday, I will ask people to see if they want to buy your bib!

    Most of all, I am SO excited that you went to yoga and you liked it! I have heard amazing things about O2 yoga. We should meet up for a class sometime!

  2. That sounds like a good plan regarding the self-injury-help. I've found that 2 solid weeks off running can do a great thing. Lift, swim, ibuprofen, lots of water, foam rolling. All those things can help :) Heres to hoping it goes away soon!

  3. I thought Sarah's Key was interesting, but not the most fascinating read ever. I definitely agree that it was hard to relate to the main character.

    When I'm injured, I apply heat and do yoga. It works like a charm every time. Just make sure that you wait an extra day after your pain completely disappears before you start moving again. Yes, it sucks, but it's an extremely efficient insurance policy.